Semi Synthetic for Machining Variety of Metal Alloys

BENZ KOOL 550 is designed to perform a wide range of machining operations on a variety of alloys, especially aluminum. BENZ KOOL 550 uses high levels of boundary lubrication to deliver superior tool life and surface finish. The lubricant utilizes stable chemistries that will maintain long term stability and reduce soap formation. BENZ KOOL 550 exhibits extended biological resistance for long sump life, a tight emulsion for low carry off rates on parts and chips, and excellent foam control for high pressure and through-tool coolant applications.

Performance Benefits:

  Excellent boundary lubrication enabling improved tool life and surface finish

  Micro-emulsion to minimize carry off on parts and chips; reducing fluid usage

  Excellent foam control in high pressure applications for improved cutting performance and fluid maintenance

  Metalworking application approved biocides protect the product, eliminate odors, and ensure long sump life

  Excellent corrosion control, including yellow metals

  Chlorine-free to meet environmental restrictions