MULTI GRIND PLUS grinding oils utilizes field and laboratory experience to optimize the evolving capabilities of machine tool manufacturers, wheel manufacturers and filtration systems to increase productivity, improve surface finishes and maintain part dimensions.

Additionally, MULTI GRIND PLUS improves wheel performance – extending dress intervals and increasing the amount of time machines are producing parts. The oxidation stability and detergency characteristics of MULTI GRIND PLUS ensures long fluid life in both large central systems and small stand-alone machines. MULTI GRIND PLUS fluids are specifically formulated to provide outstanding filtration in the most sophisticated types of new filtration systems. 

MULTI GRIND PLUS is available in a variety of viscosity grades to support different grinding applications. 

Performance benefits include:

  Increased productivity contributing to reduced “cost to grind” per piece

  Excels at grinding multiple metals to support a single fluid choice 

  Extreme pressure additives to improve surface finishes

  Extends wheel dress intervals, providing savings due to increased wheel life and increased production 

  Easily filtered through edge filtration and canister filtration systems

  Resistant to oxidation resulting in longer fluid life

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