Chlorine-Free Cutting Oils

MULTI KUT products are multi-functional cutting fluids for use when a non-chlorinated fluid is required. The extreme pressure agents in MULTI KUT products produce a low shear strength film, which results in reduced cutting force and increased tool life. These products can be safely used in older automatic screw machines and in more sophisticated new machines with the additional benefit of multi-metal applicability. This versatility allows a single fluid to replace multiple fluids. MULTI KUT 994 and MULTI KUT 2320 should not be used to machine yellow metals due to presence of active sulfur. 

To allow flexibility in cutting fluid choices, there are five product variations: MULTI KUT 916, MULTI KUT 939, MULTI KUT 994, MULTI KUT 2039, and MULTI KUT 2320. 


Performance Benefits:

  Non-staining: MULTI KUT 916 and MULTI KUT 939 can be safely used in machining ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  MULTI KUT 2039 contains low levels of active sulfur so yellow-metal staining should be tested prior to use

  Chlorine free – eliminates any waste disposal costs associated with chlorinated fluids

  Extended tool life – provide significant tool savings

  Excellent surface finishes and machined part tolerances to improve finished part quality

  Resists oxidation – saves money in fluid disposal costs and the resultant replacement with new fluids