High Performance Ferrous Metal Grinding Fluid

TUFF GRIND 900 series are heavily fortified grinding oils specifically designed to meet the needs of the most demanding ferrous metal grinding applications where surface finish and extended wheel dress intervals are critical without the use of chlorine. 

TUFF GRIND 900 series are particularly suited for grinding ferrous metals, hard alloys and wind turbine gear applications. TUFF GRIND 900 series are the recommended grinding fluid of numerous grinding machine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). They enable manufacturers to achieve low surface finishes without grinding burn or cracking in the most demanding applications. The light viscosity and versatility also makes TUFF GRIND 900 series an excellent choice in gun drilling applications.

Performance benefits include:

 Eliminates grinding burn or cracking

•  Single use grinding fluid

•  OEM approval reduces financial risk from damage to capital equipment 

•  Excellent surface finishes on extremely hard materials

•  Resistant to oxidation – long sump life is assured

•  Easily filtered through the traditional filter systems including paper bed or pressurized bed systems

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