About Benz

120 Years of Advancing Industrial Lubrication

Founded in 1898, Benz – a leading industrial lubricants manufacturer, supplier and metalworking lubricants company – has been a leader in supporting manufacturers by developing industrial fluids and lubrication technology for over 100 years. Through the rapid rate of technological change brought on in the past century, we’ve learned to adapt, and our team of industry experts has formed a deep understanding of how carefully formulated products – along with the right people – can meet the challenges of a global industrial market.

With one of the largest on-site storage facilities for raw materials in the Midwest, an innovative oil analysis laboratory and unmatched technical resources, Benz has the capabilities required to take a product from a customer need, through the R&D process, into production and to the customer – providing unparalleled value. This type of process and commitment to our customers has allowed us to excel as a product developer and manufacturer. We pride ourselves on consistently meeting the evolving needs of manufacturers, and helping our customers move the needle.

Benz has always taken pride in having the right people in place to help our customers succeed. Meet our leadership team below.

Chairman of the Board
Dixon Walter Benz

Based in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Benz Oil Inc. has a 100+ year legacy of providing lubricants to the automotive and industrial sectors. Since 2014, Dixon Benz has served as Chairman of the Board for Benz company.

His leadership and experience has helped Benz play a prominent role supporting a broad customer base as industry needs and demands have changed through the decades. He continues to provide guidance and oversight to the delivery of the Benz strategic plan as the company is investing for its future.

dixon walter benz II

Dixon Walter Benz II

In 2014, Dixon Benz II was promoted by the Benz Board of Directors to the role of CEO  making him the third generation leader of the company. Throughout Dixon’s tenure at Benz, starting in 1991, he has had the opportunity to work in all aspects of the company. He started in sales and marketing roles and was promoted to Executive Vice President. In 2008, he was named Chief Operating Officer where he was responsible for all day-to-day activities.

Dixon is responsible for executing on our strategic initiatives, creating a corporate culture that recruits and retains top-talent and ensuring that our customers remain competitive in a dynamic and ever changing world. He has been actively involved with the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) and served on their Board of Directors from 2001 – 2007. With his experiences at Benz and succeeding at all levels of the organization, he is the ideal person to move Benz into the next phases of its strategic goals.

dave fuerst

Dave Fuerst

Dave Fuerst joined the Benz team in Janurary 2016 as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and is responsible for achieving the company’s growth plans and targets and in implementing key corporate goals and objectives.

Fuerst most recently served as Castrol Industrial North America Inc’s President and CEO from 2008-2015. Prior to that, he held various sales, marketing and operations-related positions within Castrol. He started his career with Mobil Chemical, Pittsford, New York.

Director of Technology
Davis Albright

Davis offers over 20 years of experience to the global industrial lubrication industry. Davis joined Benz in 2020 after working for DR Lubricants, Inc. as Technical Director. Fluid management, technical service, quality control, and custom formulations are Davis’ areas of expertise. Besides experience in formulating metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants, she has developed and supported fluids for the glass grinding, precision optics, and woodworking industries.

At Benz, Davis is responsible for developing leading technology and products that support our customer’s needs, providing strong analysis capabilities to support on-going sampling program and troubleshooting, as well as leading the quality control activities.

Chief Financial Officer
Mark Minsky

Mark Minsky joined Benz in May 2019 as Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for managing and supporting all of the financial related functions as well as information technology and human resources.  Mark also plays a significant role in supporting the business by assisting the sales, marketing, plant operations and technical departments in achieving overall company strategies.

Mark most recently was the Chief Financial Officer of Hydrite Chemical where he spent the last 14 years. Prior to that he held various financial roles within Johnson Controls and started his career with Price Waterhouse.

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