Progressive Metalworking Fluid Solutions

There are a great many metal forming operations in use today, but the primary objective in any metalforming process is to produce a specified shape change. Controlling wear and heat generation in tooling and workpieces as metal is formed into a desired shape is the main function of a metalforming lubricant. With a wide range of application-specific products, Benz can meet the physical needs of metal forming and stamping operations that include:

  • Bending
  • Cold Heading
  • Drawing & Stamping
  • Fine Blanking

The friction and energy created when working with metal creates heat which causes complications such as:

  • Heat causes high tool wear
  • Metalforming components such as cutters as well as workpieces, can soften to the point of failure
  • High heat creates oxidation, or rust, of the workpiece and cutter
  • Excessive heat causes thermal expansion of both parts and tools

Benz is an extremely knowledgeable metal forming fluids manufacturer that appreciates the challenges that arise in different metal forming processes. By offering custom metal forming coolants and metal cutting oils, they have helped customers reduce down time, maintain high production rates and safeguard the products they produce as well as the machines that form them.

From straight metal cutting oils to synthetic, water-soluble metal forming fluids, with or without extreme pressure additives, Benz can help you address the stress and strain of your metal forming operations. Take a look at some of our most successful product series, formulated in our very own laboratory, and get in touch with us to learn how we can help you with all things metal forming.

  • CHO – Cold heading lubricants
  • FB – Chlorinated fine blanking lubricants
  • PRO BEND – Heavy duty bending lubricants
  • PRO FORM – Cold heading & cold forming lubricants
  • REGAL DRAW – Chlorinated drawing lubricants
  • ROYAL DRAW – Chlorine-free drawing lubricants
  • REX DRAW – Sulfo-chlorinated drawing lubricants
  • POWER DRAW – Water-dilutable extreme pressure drawing lubricants
  • AQUA DRAW – Synthetic water-dilutable drawing lubricants
  • VANISHING OIL – Stamping/metalworking lubricants

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Cold Heading OilsDrawing & Stamping FluidsFine Blanking Oil