Machine Gear Maintenance Lubricants

Quality Lubricants for Production

Industrial production equipment is a significant investment. Once in production, proper machine maintenance is essential for keeping production time high and repair costs low.

Benz works with manufacturers to ensure that the capital investment in equipment and the resource investment in maintenance is supported with high quality gear lubricants. Our machien gear oils carry the approvals that certify long life, protect equipment and high productivity in hydraulic sumps, gear boxes, machine spindles, slideways and turbines.

Reliability and Performance

Factory Mutual (FM), AGMA, Vickers, Denison, Bosch, Milicron and US Steel are among the many organizations that provide approvals for Benz machine gear oils. We earn these approvals with hydraulic oils designed to pour at -75oF, waylubes formulated to filter below 5μ, synthetic gear oils that sustain a gerotor for an entire season and a host of other fluids. Benz machine gear oils perform beyond the requirements of global brands to reliably protect your machinery.

In addition to our hydraulic, specialty hydraulic and gear oil product lines above, our maintenance gear lubrication portfolio also includes solutions for way, spindle and R&O applications.

Some of our brands for these solutions include:

  • WAY LUBE Series -High tack and extreme pressure way lubricant formulated for smooth operation and long service.
  • PRESS LUBE Series – High performance circulating and way oil ideal for cold heading machine applications.
  • PETRASPEED Series – Spindle oils designed for high speed spindle bearings.
  • HYCIRC R&O Series – Industrial grade turbine and circulating oils formulated for superior performance in multiple applications.
  • PAPERCIRC Series – Paper machine oils formulated to separate water and maintain oxidative stability in demanding conditions.

Learn more about our product line below.

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