Heavy Duty Cutting Oil

The Benz FILM KUT Series contain heavy duty straight cutting oils that provide exceptional tool life in difficult machining operations with the use of multiple extreme pressure (EP) additives. Freshly cut metal surfaces react with the extreme pressure agents in FILM KUT to produce a low shear strength film, resulting in reduced cutting forces and increased tool life. FILM KUT utilizes boundary lubricants to enhance surface finishes. FILM KUT can be used on difficult machining operations, such as broaching, threading, and screw machines. 

Performance benefits include:

  Extreme pressure (EP) additives increase tool life

  Boundary lubrication to improve surface finishes

  Low foam to maintain consistent flow at the point of cut and aid environment and operator acceptance

  Multi-metal compatibility to support a variety of applications

  Low misting & evaporation for reduced fluid loss and improved shop environment 

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