Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance

Keeping People Safe and Compliances Met

Every day, hundreds of thousands of workers across the country use industrial lubricants as a routine part of their jobs. Benz is committed to the safety of these workers – and, our own employees – in the handling and application of our products. This commitment starts with choosing raw materials that are responsibly obtained and conscientiously applied.

Our team respects both the spirit and letter of health, safety and environmental regulations by providing transparent information about our products through our Safety Data Sheets. We then provide knowledgeable recommendations for personal protective equipment, exposure control, proper shipping, use, handling and disposal of our products.

The status of the regulatory environment is always changing. Benz employs the knowledge of our experienced employees, industrial associations, specialized third party consultants and government agencies to stay up to date and compliant. Our technology team often works with new materials years in advance of suspected changes in regulatory actions. This proactive approach allows Benz to continue to deliver lubrication technology through seamless transitions in regulatory changes.

We proudly partner with our customers in controlling and minimizing risk in the workplace. From our own manufacturing site in Milwaukee, WI, to the manufacturing plants throughout the world that depend on Benz technology, we are committed to the responsibility of creating and maintaining safe work environments. Our experienced application specialists and technologists provide insight into issues from VOC and mist reduction to proper glove and barrier cream selection.