MED GRIND 2242 is a premium quality honing and gun drilling oil specially formulated to attain fine finishes in your honing and gun drilling operations. MED GRIND 2242 contains effective extreme pressure additives which aid in rapid metal removal –  but does not contain chlorinated paraffins. Advantages include:

• MED GRIND 2242 does not contain chlorine 

• MED GRIND 2242 is extremely effective in honing or gun drilling 

• The light viscosity allows the fine particles to rapidly settle out, further aiding in fine surface finishes 

• Extreme pressure additives contained in MED GRIND 2242 aid in rapid metal removal 

• Honed and gun drilled parts are easy to clean – there is no tenacious residue which would be difficult to clean 

• Specially selected lubricity additives in MED GRIND 2242 contribute to extremely high quality finishes

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