Industrial Lubrication in the Medical Industry

Medical Grade Lubricants

The design and manufacture of medical implants requires accuracy and precision at all points of production. The talented team at Benz delivers custom medical grade lubricant solutions that are critical to the medical field and will partner with companies so they have confidence in choosing the right product.

Founded in 1898, Benz has been a leader in supporting manufacturers by developing industrial fluids and lubrication technologies that deliver improved productivity while reducing costs.

One of the many elements that makes complex medical devices work so brilliantly is the lubrication at the manufacturing point. The carefully selected component chemistry used in Benz products supports the manufacture of precision parts that require high tolerances for surface finish and geometric accuracy. Our products are designed to be used on parts made from stainless steels to more exotic metals like titanium. The medical industry also benefits from Benz’s endless pursuit to advance medical grade lubrication solutions. The machinery that makes medical devices uses specialized lubrication which, although not always a top priority, is a critical element for the efficient operation of the machine tool. Benz lubricants not only prolong the life of the machinery producing the medical parts, but also improves uptime and production throughput.

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