Innovative Economical and Versatile Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid


ULTRA KOOL B400 is a low oil semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed for individual and central system applications. While capable of machining most commonly used alloys for light to moderate duty applications, ULTRA KOOL B400 excels at providing a long-lasting metalworking fluid at an economical price. Excellent for job shop environments with multi-metal needs. 

ULTRA KOOL B500 is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed to provide high levels of lubrication and cooling for very difficult operations such as thread forming and heavy duty machining. It is particularly effective on soft metals such as low silicon aluminum. The product runs cleanly, is tramp oil rejecting and is highly resistant to biological growth. One of the unique features of ULTRA KOOL B500 is extremely low foam, even at extreme pressures and high flow rates.

Permformance Benefits:

• Chlorine-free to meet environmental requirements

• Formaldehyde-free biocide to meet environmental needs while providing biological protection

• Very low foam in soft water and high pressure applications to support a clean plant environment and fluid delivery at the point of cut

• Excellent corrosion control including aluminum and yellow metals to protect parts during the production environment

• Stable tight emulsions that reduce usage and promote machine cleanliness