ECLIPSE SYN 46 Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid

ECLIPSE SYN 46 hydraulic fluid provides very high viscosity index (VHVI), zinc free anti-wear, and low pour point properties for superior performance and equipment protection through a wide range of start-up and operating temperatures. ECLIPSE SYN 46 is formulated with synthetic base oils to resist high temperature break-down and increase energy efficiency. Low foam and excellent corrosion inhibition protect systems from the effects of turbulent flow and condensation. ECLIPSE SYN 46 hydraulic fluid provides trouble-free performance to protect vane, gear, and piston pumps from wear. 

  Extreme low pour point capabilities for low temperature startups

  Synthetic base oil technology to provide long term stability against oxidation and sludge deposits and protection

  Very High Viscosity Index (VHVI) to increase energy efficiency in hydraulic systems

  Ash-less, zinc-free anti-wear chemistry for improved environmental acceptance