Light Duty Synthetic Grinding Fluid

The Benz TECHNI KOOL Series is a true solution synthetic designed to complement light-duty ferrous metalworking applications. In these operations, the need for a heavy-duty lubricity package is reduced; however, the need  for high performance is not. Lower metal removal loads produce micro-sized fines that cling to tools, work surfaces and finished parts. Techni Kool utilizes unique surfactant chemistry to remove this buildup, producing an exceptional finished part as well as a clean environment. 

Most coolants fail when they encounter typical pitfalls such as contamination, hard water and high-pressure delivery. TECHNI KOOL was developed with the consideration that forbidding situations such as these are normal. The result is a coolant with the robust nature necessary for continuous, high performance in adverse situations. 

Performance benefits include:

  Less tacky residues versus conventional synthetics to ease manufacturing environment

  Formulated with non-dermal sensitizing agents for improved operator acceptance

  High detergency package for a cleaner operating environment

  Highly resistant to microbiological attack for less odors and longer fluid life

  Superior corrosion control for interim protection of parts

  Rapid tramp oil rejection for longer fluid life

  Consistent low foam characteristics without defoamer depletion

• Settles chips quickly to aid effective filtration

• Stable dilutions in extremely hard water (> 600 ppm) overcoming need for water treatment options

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