BENZ CLEAN 250 is an alkaline cleaner concentrate designed to conquer industrial grime. Primarily formulated as a floor cleaner, BENZ CLEAN 250 utilizes the latest surfactant technology to easily clean multiple surfaces including machinery, counter tops, ceramics, and appliances right out of the drum. To avoid discoloration BENZ CLEAN 250 should not remain in contact with non-ferrous metals for extended periods of time.  If in doubt, perform a test patch prior to cleaning.


BENZ CLEAN 250 is especially formulated to operate in an industrial floor scrubber machine with no foam and no need to mess with dilution ratios. As with all industrial cleaners, please refer to the product Safety Data Sheet for proper handling and recommended personal protective equipment.



  Formulated for industrial use

  Floor scrubber compatible

  Effective for hot or cold operations

  Versatile for many uses



BENZ CLEAN 250 is floor scrubber compatible and effective for hot or cold operations. Fill out a web form for a quote.

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