Way Oil

Way Oil or Way Lube – A Type of Hydraulic Oil

Way oil, or way lube, is a type of hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oils can have additives mixed in, such as tackifiers, to make the way oil stick to surfaces. The tackifier additive in way oil is ideal for vertical machine parts such as slideway systems.

Friction in the machining process requires special attention. Slideways operate in a linear motion and under conditions of boundary lubrication, making them more susceptible to stick-slip. Without suitable lubrication, loss of precision and machine tool productivity can result.

Slideway oils, or way oils, add an extra layer of protection to machining equipment – aiding in the following:

  • Enhance Surface Finish
  • Improve Machining Accuracy
  • Machine Productivity
  • Reduce Deterioration of Sliding Surfaces

Benz – A Way Oil Manufacturer

Whether a machine shop manufactures small or large metal components, utilizing the right oils in the machining process is paramount for precision manufacturing, tool life and uptime. Benz has over 121 years of experience serving the metalworking industry with proven way oil lubricants and an expert technical team to assist you every step of the way.

Benz’s industrial way oil lubricants are formulated in our own state-of-the-art laboratory. Benz provides a wide range of technical services to help you keep your machine shop running at top proficiency. With your machining processes in mind, Benz Oil can formulate a custom blend to fit all machining application needs. Benz also manufactures custom blend medical grade slideway oils and lubricants.

In addition to high performance slideway oils, Benz Oil can help keep your machine shop running at peak efficiency while prolonging machine and oil life, reducing downtime and lowering operating costs.

For a way oil quote for your industrial facility, contact Benz below or check out the Benz WAY LUBE product by clicking the blue button.