Way & Slide Lubricant

WAY LUBE series lubricants are low sulfur and low acid that resist emulsification and provide superior coolant compatibility. When the heavy tooling of a machine tool slides along its supporting ways, a smooth, uninterrupted motion must be maintained. If sticking occurs, poor surface finish and dimensional variation in the workpiece can result. A properly formulated slide way lubricant contains special friction modifiers that prevent slip-stick chatter in the feed of a machine tool. These special mild EP additives lower the friction between the carriage and the slide ways while the tool is stationary. This prevents the carriage from surging forward as the feed begins and then hesitating while the drive catches up. 

Advantages include:

• Superior coolant compatibility and demulsibility  

• Tackiness for adherence to horizontal and vertical ways  

• Filterability for use in Bijur Lubricators  

• Excellent slip-stick characteristic to reduce chatter

• Extreme film strength and lubricity 

• Long term corrosion and rust protection 

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