Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment Solutions That Work

Whether preparing parts for manufacturing operations or protecting them from environmental elements, our surface treatment fluids can positively impact the quality of your products.

The removal of residues and particulates from parts as manufacturing operations are completed is critical to the quality of the finished product. Cleanliness can impact in-process production operations where application of paints, other coatings and resistance to corrosion is required. For parts that are to be stored or transported, application of a corrosion preventive may be required based on environmental elements and time of exposure.

Our legacy is quality products that get results. Benz manufactures a line of cleaners and corrosion preventives for most industrial applications. Whether cleaning part surfaces or protecting them from the environment, we’ve got you covered.


From prevention on parts in-process to protection during shipping or storage, Benz corrosion preventives can meet the requirements of your operational needs.

Surface Treatment | Corrosion Preventive

Eliminating fluid residues and removing particulates that build on parts as they progress through machining operations is a critical component of the manufacturing process.

Surface Treatment | Cleaner