MULTI PLUS Series - High Performance Cutting Oil

High Performance Metal Removal Fluids

MULTI PLUS Series | Metal Removal Fluids

MULTI PLUS Series High Performance Metal Removal Fluids are fluids specifically formulated for high speed, high precision and multi-purpose complex metal cutting applications; such as CNC and CAM multi-spindle automatics, CNC Swiss style lathes, screw machines, gun drilling and deep hole drilling. 

As the speeds, feeds, and part throughput increase in today’s machining applications, the technology in the metalworking fluids must keep pace. MULTI PLUS is that product!

This Product Yielded Excellent Results for Benz Customers:

• Greater than double tool life from chlorinated products – 250 parts/insert with existing product to 550 parts/insert with MULTI PLUS 22

• Cycle times reduced from 18 seconds to 12 seconds

• 125% productivity gain on stainless

• No issues machining stainless; parts are cleaner and less carry off

• Machines and part are cooler and cleaner

• Machine uses less energy, very low odor

Typical Applications Successfully Utilizing MULTI PLUS:

• CNC Swiss style lathes, Schutte multi-spindle CNC’s, automatic screw machines 

• Star CNC Swiss screw machines

• Deep drilling on Hydromat and Acme New Britain screw machines

• Swiss turning and traditional screw machines

• Citizen CNC Swiss screw machines; up to 2000 PSI

• Index 5 Spindle CNC Swiss screw machines; up to 1000 PSI; fine filtration

• Gun drilling sintered metal valve guides, Hydromat

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