Way & Slide Lubricant

MED WL 68 slide way lubricant is low sulfur and low acid that resists emulsification and provides superior coolant compatibility. When the heavy tooling of a machine tool slides along its supporting ways, a smooth, uninterrupted motion must be maintained. If sticking occurs, poor surface finish and dimensional variation in the workpiece can result. A properly formulated slide way lubricant contains special friction modifiers that prevent slip-stick chatter in the feed of a machine tool. MED WL 68 is specifically formulated for the medical industry.  

Water soluble oils and synthetic coolants used in machine tools often become contaminated with way oils. Way oils that contain high levels of sulfur and fatty acids are particularly detrimental to water based coolants. MED WL 68 optimizes sulfur-based anti-wear chemistry and tackifier content to stay on the way and out of the coolant.