The Best Coolants for CNC Machines

September 4, 2019

Using the best coolants for CNC machines is critical to the success of any machining operation. Coolants used in CNC machines are utilized for:

  • Achieving tighter tolerances
  • Improving surface finish of product
  • Maximizing life of the cutting tool
  • Evacuation of metal chips from work areas
  • Preventing rust to machined part surfaces
  • Protecting machinery
  • Reducing cycle times
  • Regulating high temperatures during cutting processes or better said – Keeping the parts cooler

Finding a coolant that is appropriate for a machining job can save time, money and improve a machine’s overall performance while ensuring the safety of people operating a machine.

Typically, there are four types of CNC metalworking fluids – Straight Oils, Water-Based Fluids, Soluble, Semi-Synthetic and Synthetic Fluids.

In the manufacturing process, the delivery methods of cutting fluids can range from flooding, spraying, dripping, misting and brushing. Deployment of coolant depends on the product, the cutting machine and cutting process that is being performed.

Benz – The Premier CNC Machine Coolant Supplier

Modern machine shops rely on Benz for custom metalworking coolants, cutting and grinding fluids. Since 1898, Benz has been a leader in supporting manufacturers by developing industrial fluids and lubricants. During this time, their products and offerings have evolved along with the industry. And in most cases, Benz has been at the forefront of developing sophisticated products that beat the competition.

To guarantee all your metalworking and machining processes are running as smoothly and proficiently as possible, machining fluids and coolants are a necessity. Since each fluid is formulated to work with particular metals in different conditions, be sure and contact a Benz representative for the details and specifications of the appropriate lubricant for your metal cutting application.

Benz manufacturers and distributes the best coolants for CNC Machines to keep your metalworking products, machines and operators in the absolute best condition! Contact Benz today!