Key Benefits Experienced By Customers

BENZ KOOL 1300 Metalworking Fluid has provided a variety of customers these overall benefits in their manufacturing process – improvement in parts, reducing cycle times, and reducing total operating costs. Large and small, customers machining aluminum and ferrous metals, in a variety of applications have benefited from BENZ KOOL 1300.

Making Parts

Improved surface finish
Tighter tolerances achieved
Better hole diameter tolerance

Making Parts

30%-40% production increase
Cycle time reduced by 50%
3rd party heat treat process reduced by one day

Making Parts
More Economically

20% – 50% increase in tool life
3x plus parts per insert
Able to run at lower concentration
Longer fluid life – low foam, emulsion stability, reduced carry off, and low odor

Brad Gorski of Midwest Golf Cars explains the benefits of BENZ KOOL 1300

Introducing BENZ KOOL 1300

New in semi-synthetic cutting and grinding

BENZ KOOL 1300 Job Shop Benefits

Discover features and benefits of BENZ KOOL 1300

Excellent lubrication
Superior surface finish
Reduced power consumption
Extended tool life
Excellent foam control
Supports high pressure application
Multi-metal capability
One product for every operation
Neutral odor
High operator acceptance
Hard water stability
Longer system life
Reduced carry-off
Reduced fluid consumption and drier parts
Excellent bioresistance
Reduced odor and longer system life
Tramp oil rejection
Longer system life
Strong environmental, health, and safety compliance profile
No chlorine, DCHA, secondary amines, or formaldehyde release biocide

An extensive machining study compared BENZ KOOL 1300 machine oil against three competitive fluids on their ability to form tap 6061 T6 aluminum blocks. Power consumption – a strong indicator of lubricity levels – was 10+% lower for BENZ KOOL 1300 against current market leaders. Improved lubricity leads to improved part production, improved tool life and/or reduced fluid consumption.

Material: 6061T6 Aluminum; Tool:M10 x 1.25 form tap
Fluids: 7% concentration in 8gpg water

Pictures of the form taps provide additional indication as to the lubrication properties of BENZ KOOL 1300 compared with the competition. BUE (built up edge) is the bonding of metal from the part welding onto the tool causing ineffective tool operation and manufacturing of the part itself. Lubricity and cooling both play a role in form tap effectiveness.

Interested in BENZ KOOL 1300?

Maintaining a machine oil cutting fluid should never pull resources away from production. The Benz team of specialists work cooperatively with manufacturers to develop the best practices that ensure low maintenance and high value. Contact our team of experts to find the right solution for you.

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