FIRE GUARD Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

FM Approved Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluid Utilizing Water-glycol Technology


FIRE GUARD is a FM approved fire-resistant hydraulic fluid utilizing water-glycol technology that prevents ignition and propagation of a flame from an ignition source. FIRE GUARD is optimized for today’s high performance hydraulic systems, providing the lubricity, corrosion protection, and fluid power required. These properties, along with the addition of an anti-wear component, provide extended pump life in systems operating under high pressure or overloaded conditions where added security of fire-resistant properties is needed. 

FIRE GUARD is generally compatible with other high-quality water glycol fluids. It is not compatible with mineral oil, water emulsion, phosphate ester, or polyol ester type fluids.

Refer to FIRE GUARD Water Adjustment table, on the back, to determine the proper amount of water needed to adjust the viscosity of the hydraulic system back to the original 40.8 cSt @ 40C. Viscosity may increase after continued use due to water evaporation.