E GRIND Series

Carbide Grinding Fluid

E GRIND 50 WW is a synthetic water white grinding fluid specially formulated for carbide, high speed steel and other difficult to grind materials. E GRIND 50 WW employs technology to resist oxidation and reduce thermal breakdown. The synthetic base lubricant reduces evaporative loss and delivers a consistent and stable fluid that extends fluid life. E GRIND 50 WW is formulated with surface active chemistry to achieve exceptional surface finish, less wheel loading, low foaming, and high flash point.

Performance benefits include:

  High performance grinding capabilities

  Specially formulated for carbide machining & grinding

  Improved surface finish

  Thermal stability providing long fluid life

  Water white appearance enabling the operator to see the workpiece inside the machine

  Low odor for improved operator acceptance 

  Low misting & evaporation for reduced fluid loss and improved shop environment

  High flash point providing safety benefits

  Easily filtered to 1µ through edge filtration and canister filtration systems

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