Cutting and Grinding Fluids Manufacturer

April 24, 2019

Metal Turning, Drilling and Milling are the most common machining processes. Other metalworking operations fall under categories that include shaping, planning, boring, broaching and sawing. Metal machining companies require specific cutting and grinding fluids that help reduce friction and heat buildup which makes any metal removal operation easier, extends machine and cutting tool life, and reduces energy consumption.

Cutting and grinding fluids have been utilized in the metal machining industry for many, many years. In metal removal operations, these fluids lubricate the cutting process at low cutting speeds, and provide cooling properties at high cutting speeds. The fluids also help flush away chips from the cutting zone. Grinding fluids act as a coolant as well. During grinding, these fluids keep grinding wheels clean and lubricate metal particles as they form.

Benz is a cutting and grinding fluids manufacturer that understands all machining processes and the process problems that often arise.

In the ever changing metalworking marketplace, Benz’s vast expertise and knowledge has helped many machine shops resolve complex machining issues. Whether hardened metal surfaces keep chewing up your tools and cause production to slow down or create machinery overheating, Benz is sure to have a fluid suitable for your metalworking application.

If Benz does not have a standard metalworking fluid solution to offer, they can customize a fluid for a specific application. Their state-of-the-art oil analysis lab and team of qualified experts, allows them to consistently innovate and deliver custom formulated products for each customer.

From synthetic water based to soluble oils to semi-synthetic to straight cutting and grinding oils – Benz has been the cutting and grinding fluids industry leader for over 100 years!

For an analysis of your cutting and grinding fluids, contact Benz today for a custom solution. It’s what we love to do – help our customers.