Why a Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid?

January 2, 2019

Why a Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid?

Hydraulic fluids have been used since ancient times and were originally water-based. Since the 1920’s, oils have been used as the base stock due to inherent lubrication properties and ability to be utilized at temperatures above the boiling point of water.

The primary function of hydraulic fluids is to convey power. They are in common use in industrial equipment and cranes, construction equipment, garbage trucks, fire trucks and more. While hydraulic fluid is an excellent medium in most applications, it poses a serious fire hazard in high temperature environments. Casting machines, pickling lines, steel and aluminum mills as well as fire trucks are some of the common areas in which non-flammable fluids are required to avoid the possibility of fire or explosion.

Even though most oil-based hydraulic fluids have a fairly high flash point, minor leaks in a high-pressure system can create a fine spray that can travel significant distances. If an ignition source is in the immediate area, this creates a fire hazard that can cause property damage, personnel injury or even death. The decision to purchase a higher-priced fire resistant hydraulic fluid may be a hard one to make but the alternatives are quite unattractive.

Benz is a fire resistant hydraulic fluid manufacturer that understands the importance of safety. They are also an industry expert with the extensive know-how and a product offering that is designed to protect equipment and personnel from damage, degradation and serious danger in  high temperature operations.

Benz offers two special purpose fire resistant hydraulic fluids that are FM approved:


  • ULTRA GUARD 552 is formulated to out-perform and directly replace oil-based anti-wear hydraulic fluids used in applications near ignition sources or fire hazards.
    • ULTRA GUARD 552 reduces the risk of fires spreading and increases the safety protection of employees. The product meets and or exceeds insurance requirements, providing increased plant, equipment and safety protection that can greatly reduce insurance costs.
    • Common include
      • Steel and Aluminum Mill
      • Foundries
      • Metal Extrusion
      • Welding
      • Forging Plants
      • Mining
      • Glass Manufacturing
      • Die Casting


  • FIRE GUARD is a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid utilizing water-glycol technology that prevents ignition and propagation of a flame from an ignition source. The product is optimized for today’s high performance hydraulic systems, providing the required lubricity, corrosion protection, and fluid power transmission characteristics.
    • Common applications include:
      • System calling for HFC fluid
      • Hydraulic systems – mobile & industrial
      • Slide gates and casting machines
      • Welding areas
      • Pickle lines

The benefits of these hydraulic fluid products includes FM Approval, anti-wear chemistry to reduce equipment wear, High Viscosity Index (HVI) to enhance usage life in high temperature conditions, excellent low-pour point for colder starts, and rust and corrosion protection for longer equipment life

Contact Benz today for your application evaluation. Benz can show you how their FM approved fire resistant hydraulic fluids will help protect your personnel and machinery.