Keep Fluids Clean with Benz

August 22, 2022

Your fluids take a beating when they work for you. Benz fluids will last longer by fighting contamination, extending fluid life, and educating customers about microbiology so they maintain the fluid properly.

One of the most important things manufacturers can add to prolong the life of their fluid is to use a Variaxe Skimmer. The money the Variaxe Skimmer saves on extending the life of the fluid justifies the cost of this easy-to-use instrument. We all know that cleaner coolant means longer tool life, reduced downtime, better odor, and healthier skin. Another great feature is the modular properties of the Variaxe Skimmer allows for easy placement and access. Ask a Benz representative for more information.

Maintenance is the key to savings and efficiency. Contact Benz for best practices on any maintenance issues by calling us directly. We’ll let you in on our 120+ years of experience!