New Faces In New Places

June 7, 2021


One of the cornerstones that makes Benz the leader in advancing lubrication is their Lab. Now under the guidance of Director of Technology, Davis Albright, the Benz lab continues to meet the challenges of today’s manufacturing environment. Our oil analysis lab and team of qualified experts allows us to consistently innovate and deliver custom formulated products to each of our customers. With the additions of Ryan Ostrowski and Hayley Erdmann, Benz continues to add talent to confront and solve the needs of their customers.

As an ISO 9000 certified laboratory, Benz realizes that proper certification is essential to their continued success. Benz is committed to quality and each procedure is statistically validated to document possible sources of error in instrumentation, operator, and procedure. Everything in the Benz lab begins with Quality Control – meaning every product manufactured and shipped must pass our high quality standards before it leaves our doors.  Learn more about the Benz Lab here.