Partnering With Benz: BENZ KOOL 1300 in Action

July 22, 2021

Mussa Machining has partnered with Benz and is using their BENZ KOOL 1300 to great effect. BENZ KOOL 1300 is a premium semi-synthetic multi metal metalworking fluid. Whether you are a big shop or small, BENZ KOOL 1300 offers superior surface finish, longer tool life, and less odor. An extensive machining study compared BENZ KOOL 1300 against three competitive fluids on their ability to form tap 6061 T6 aluminum blocks. Power consumption – a strong indicator of lubricity levels – was 10%-15% lower for BENZ KOOL 1300 against current market leaders. Improved lubricity leads to improved part production, improved tool life, and/or reduced fluid consumption.

Customer Testimonial:

 “After almost 6 months of using BENZ KOOL 1300, we have seen a drastic increase in overall performance, through higher speeds and feeds, tool life and finish. The fluid is odorless and doesn’t aggravate the hands.” 

         – Shop Foreman, Z & Z Products