Industrial Lubricant Services

Solving Challenges for Over a Century

For over one hundred years, Benz has always taken pride in offering the best service and support to our customers. From our state-of-the-art oil analysis lab and testing, to our ongoing support and education, we are truly here to be your partner, not just another vendor.

Our approach to industrial lubrication treats our customers as individuals, and the services we offer reflect that. If you are in need of training and education to ensure your maintenance teams and operators are fully aware of the products being used, we can do that. If you need to troubleshoot a specific issue related to your machines and lubrication, our team of experts has that covered as well.

Whatever your need, Benz has the solution.

Manufacturers who benefit from using Benz products gain an additional advantage – Benz support and services. As your partner, we can provide audits that include analysis of applications, maintenance programs, lubrication routes and diagnostic testing. Our fluid specialists are able to provide the optimal lubricant recommendation because we work to understand your needs and applications.

A partnership with Benz results in an invaluable understanding of the role lubricants play in your manufacturing processes.

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Throughout a partnership with Benz, we provide a variety of in-use product testing that supports your operations. Routine Service Analysis (RSA) provides a specific set of tests tailored for each product that reports on the condition of your Benz lubricant, based on statistical analysis. Depending on your needs, application, production, and other variables, RSAs can be reported weekly, monthly or yearly.

All results are stored and emailed to you from our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), providing graphical trends of key properties of your system to allow you to make informed decisions about your lubricants.

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Industrial manufacturing is complex and often carries many shifting variables that can impact your lubricants and production. Occasionally, there is a need for immediate troubleshooting expertise.

Benz utilizes a Laboratory Service Analysis (LSA) system that combines the knowledgeable personnel and modern equipment of the Benz laboratory with our trained field specialists to aid you in analyzing issues in your facility. An LSA is a custom report and testing approach that is developed to specifically determine the root cause of your issues related to lubrication.

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Benz believes in the value of knowledge. Training ensures that your operators and maintenance personnel understand the products in use and how they are maintained. Benz also provides training to explain test results, reporting, health & safety and many other aspects of industrial fluids.

Additionally, we can help you work with OEM companies that manufacture equipment that encourage the use of Benz products.

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